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 Section Rules: READ before posting

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PostSubject: Section Rules: READ before posting   Mon May 05, 2008 6:51 pm

I thought I could get away without posting yet another thread about rules, but obviously specific instructions have to be placed everywhere for people to understand. These rules are basic, and I will be editing the list as new instances become obvious to me. I actively monitor this section, and I will hand out infractions for violations of these rules. There are no second chances in most cases, if you're too lazy to read a thread with RULES splashed up in the topic, then you're asking for an infraction, and I'm here to hand them out Smile

1) Do NOT flame each other. I don't care how much you hate the idea being posted in this section, don't post idiotic flames telling people how stupid they are being. If the post warrants being removed, it will be removed, people posting useless flames will be infracted.

2) Don't repeat topics that have already been posting. This section only has 4 pages, just use the search feature and make sure that the topic you want to post isn't going to be repeating another topic.

3) Don't spam. I'm getting tired of seeing posts that simply say "nice idea". You can agree or disagree with their plan, but you need to do so with more than three words, otherwise you're just spamming.

4) Please title your threads with something besides "GMS READ PLOX!11", it makes it easier on the GM team. Make it about your topic. For example if your thread is about the autoban dmg cap, say so in the topic!

Rules are obviously subject to change as new situations present themselves.

Think about this along with the obvious rules: If you have to THINK about whether or not something is appropriate for this section, perhaps you should either not post it, or PM a mod about it before posting.
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Section Rules: READ before posting
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