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 General Market Rules: MUST READ

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PostSubject: General Market Rules: MUST READ   Mon May 05, 2008 7:02 pm

This thread will contain the following :

How to Trade, Buy, Sell items.


The format of your threads should be something like this:

B> Your Title Here
S> Your Title Here
T> Your Title Here

B = Buying
S = Selling
T = Trading

This isn't a requirement, just a suggestion to help other members know what exactly you're wanting to do within your thread.


I know how much everyone hates having rules, but it's unavoidable in a community like this, so here they are.

1) Only post if truly interested.
Quote :
Since this section no longer raises post count, there is NO need whatsoever for someone to post in it unless they directly want to take part in the trade. Nobody cares what your opinion on their items are, so input isn't needed nor wanted.

2) Be respectful.
Quote :
Regardless of your opinion of the person doing the trade, flaming or taking jabs at them within their sale topics will not be permitted and finding such occurrences will result in immediate infraction. If you have a problem with someone deal with it outside the forum or via PM, period.

There are only 2 main rules, that I want you to know for now.

This will be updated everytime I find a new rule (Which I most likely wont)

Take Care!
Good Day!

~ Parm
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General Market Rules: MUST READ
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