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 HolyMS Patch V.01

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PostSubject: HolyMS Patch V.01   Sun May 11, 2008 10:48 pm

Here are a FEW stuff that we added in this patch.

Updates :

- Cody tele's you to a bunch of bosses for mesos.
- Cody tele's you to the Boss PQ for 12mil.( It's called Dynamis PQ)
- Go to Mushroom Shrine and then talk to the tour guide person to go to Showa Town.
- Talk to Boss Kitten in Showa Town, to buy a hog. (Must Relog After Buying Hog).
- Click the "Trade" button beside the "Cash" button, to get teleported to FM.
- 1st job, 2nd job, 3rd job NPC's work.
- 4th job NPC gives you a few 4th job skills after you get your 4th job.
- You can buy 4th job skills from the Storage Guy in Leafre.( Do not buy the skill called "Shadow Shifter" for the time being)
- You can summon Zakum by clicking the NPC in Zakum's altar.
-Talk to the Tombstone to get warped into "Deep within the clock tower", And then you can summon Papulatus by click the NPC in "Deep within the clock tower".
- JM in Kerning City sells ALL throwing stars.
- Pot shop in Kerning City sells Smegas.
- Kerning Sewer sells 10% and 60% scrolls.
- Stars are unlimited.

- Black Crow spawns at its respectful place.
- Jr.Barlog spawns at its respectful place.

Theres ALOT more but i cant remeber them all....

Good day!

~ Happy Mapling ~


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HolyMS Patch V.01
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