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 How To Donate, Without using a Credit Card!!

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PostSubject: How To Donate, Without using a Credit Card!!   Thu May 15, 2008 7:55 pm

Hi everyone Smile

I have found out away to donate without using a Credit Card.
I will donate after I get some money Razz

Here are a few steps on how to donate without the use of a credit card Smile

Step 1) Go to your local 7-11 or anywhere that sells giftcards
Step 2) Go to the gift card section and buy something called MasterCard GiftCard
Step 3) The card is $25 ($4 activation fee), Pay using Cash or debit
Step 4) Go to the donation page and put the Giftcard info on and you can donate JUST LIKE A CREDIT CARD!!

Hope this helps!!

Please donate, to help the server running Smile

Anything more than 1$ is really nice and kind of you Very Happy

Go to this link and find out what you can get for donating more than 1$ and go to this link to get all the information you need to donate : http://phoenixms.forumakers.com/donations-f20/donation-info-t52.htm

Please and thank you Smile

Good day!


Unlike No Other.

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How To Donate, Without using a Credit Card!!
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